The art contest

The art contest

Nononeanos are not negative by nature, it is only their way of expressing themselves, using negative phrases. An art competition resulted in and rewarded the four best artists in painting, hologram, laser engraving and sculpture. In the end, the presenter explains the results:

  • A, who is not in the first place, has not participated with a hologram.
  • The room has not participated with a hologram or a sculpture.
  • The one who entered with the painting that was neither A nor C has been left neither first nor second.
  • Neither B nor the one who participated with the laser are in fourth place.
  • Third place was neither for B nor for C.
  • Who entered with the laser engraving, which is not A, has not been the second.

Who has done that and in what order they have finished?



1º C - laser engraving
2nd B - Hologram
3rd A - Sculpture
4th D - Painting