The riddle of the moon

The riddle of the moon

Speaking of the possibility of treating the disease by means of willpower, ”said a specialist in a medical journal,“ I would like to say that in Switzerland, the power of imagination is so strong among mountain shepherds, that they would eat a piece of stale and moldy bread believing that they are eating a slice of a creamy cheese extracted from the moon, in fact they even make the gestures of cutting the air, and as small children they argue for imaginary portions. ”

"However," he added, "one could clearly see that the hallucinations of these shepherds did not materialize, at least as far as the piece of cheese in their bread slices is concerned."

Suppose the head carver of the gang of shepherds is speculating on the maximum number of pieces in which you can divide the moon with 6 straight cuts of a knife. Our wild diners have to settle for the small portions they can get from a waning room, so they try to make the most of it.

With a pencil and a ruler mark the moon with 6 straight lines to see how many pieces you can take out.


We can get up to 21 pieces with 6 cuts: