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Your heart knows the way

Your heart knows the way

Your heart knows the way. You just have to allow yourself to feel. We spend our lives thinking and living in our mental film, totally disconnected from our present and reality itself. And living reality has no substitute.

But what is reality? It is what is happening in every moment, just as it happens. If we are present we will feel it, we will be aware of what happens to us internally at the moment when it happens and we will know that it is real.

Do you want to experience reality or do you prefer to live disconnected from yourself? The key is in the feeling. What you feel guides you in every moment of your life. And I don't talk about the emotions that are on the surface and are like time, changing and passing.

The feeling comes from the heart. It is deep and calm. It is serenity and well-being, you feel comfortable being there. You are sure what you do is what you have to do, but you cannot explain it rationally. All you know is that it brings you peace. And if the choice you make brings you peace, that means it is the right one for you at the moment when you take it.

Your heart knows the way, it knows why you have come in this life, but the only thing it gives you is the next step, nothing more. It requires a lot of courage and trust to follow it, but only in this way could you experience the magic of life and save yourself a lot of painful learning that you have to live because you make decisions based on fear. So when you're facing an election on your way, ask yourself what would I do if I wasn't afraid? and visualize the different options. What tells you the right option is your feeling. Because it brings you peace and tranquility.

Life is simple and easy. He always gives us what we ask. The problem is that we don't know how to ask. We think that if we ask for something we are missing, this is how we will receive it. But energy does not work this way but for consistency. And this coherence is the union between our request and our feeling. When we feel gratitude and faith that our order is already fulfilled or is on its way is when we will receive it. It is to go beyond appearances and know that it is ours. And the funny thing here is that when you feel this way you realize that you no longer need what you asked for because all you needed is the feeling that you have it.

And this feeling can be created in the moment when you want it with the help of your imagination. And that's how you get into magic and realize that everything is possible. If you see it in your mind you will see it in your reality. The only step you have left is to take the necessary actions to materialize it. Is asking you, is this what I want for me? If you really want, you will be protected by email to pay the price to get it and your motivation on the road will be constantly renewed. You will have some inconvenience along the way, but in general it will be easy because the path of the heart is easy and fluid. There are no struggles and effort. Just want to continue.

Give yourself permission to feel in every moment of your life. Surrender to your heart with all your strength and you will see how life will begin to work in your favor, you will realize all the blessings hidden behind each event and that the only thing that exists is a benevolence that our mind will never be able to understand.

Be aware of the impermanence of things, people and circumstances that will accompany you only for the necessary time but the only thing that will always be with you and will never abandon you is your heart.

Be aware that you have limited time to carry out the plan that your soul drew before birth and the only way to fulfill it is to be present and pay attention to what you feel. Only then can you live by being loyal, honest and consistent with yourself. And when you arrive at the end of the trip you will be happy to fulfill the life you designed for yourself.