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Madness: does it exist? What is it about?

Madness is a somewhat ambiguous concept. It is a word that is found in everyone's mouth to offer a quick and easy diagnosis of those behaviors that seem inappropriate. When we see that someone carries out risky behaviors, many of us may think that he is crazy. The same goes for those who end the lives of others.
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Baby whale weight

A baby whale weighs as much as 3 elephants or equal to 5 hippos. A hippo weighs as much as a rhinoceros or as 2 giraffes. A giraffe weighs as much as 4 zebras or 13 chimpanzees. How many chimpanzees will I need to match the weight of the baby whale? Solution 1 baby whale = 5 hippos 1 hippo = 2 giraffes 1 giraffe = 13 chimpanzees 1 baby whale will be = 5 x 2 x 13 = 130 chimpanzees
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The important thing is to participate

The hare and the turtle depart from the goal to walk a track in a circular stadium. While the hare goes around and a quarter the turtle only travels a third of a turn. How many laps should each one take to match the goal again? Solution When the turtle reaches the finish line for the first time, the hare is in the third quarter of the stadium, after three laps.
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